Valley Gardens Golf Course welcomes all players regardless of age and experience to enjoyable round of golf or footgolf. To ensure that, we ask all players to adhere to our course rules and policies outlined below:

  1. Golfers Only - No Walkers, Caddies or Spectators allowed on the course
  2. Each player must have their own set of clubs - No "sharing" equipment
  3. Replace and Repair ALL divots & ball marks - the course should be left in better condition than when you started
  4. Leave carts off tees & aprons of greens
  5. Play "Ready Golf" - Pace of play should be within 1 & 1/2 hours for each round
  6. No Mulligans - Your round of golf is for 1 ball only

Local Footgolf Rules

  1. Traditional Golfers have Precedence - Please allow them to play through
  2. No Spectators - Only paid Foot Golfers allowed on the course
  3. No Cleats
  4. No Sharing Soccer Balls - Each player must use their own ball
  5. No Running Between Shots
  6. No kicking off greens or aprons - If your ball stops on a green or apron, you must take a free relief
  7. Pace of Play - 1 hour & 30 minutes
  8. Children Under 10 Years must be accompanied with a paid adult
  9. Out of Bounds & water Hazard Procedures
    • If your tee shot off hole #2 crosses into hole #6 fairway, you must carefully retrieve & drop your ball back onto #2 fairway - 1 shot penalty
    • If you are unable to carry the pond on hole #7, please use the special tee box on the opposite side of the water hazard